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Know More About Digital Lead Group (DLG)

Digital Lead Group (DLG) has started as a full-service digital marketing and lead generation company in Kolkata, India, providing 360-degree services worldwide. DLG has the capability of delivering cutting-edge lead generation solutions at the best prices for your business. Moreover, DLG also provides custom Digital Marketing training to young minds all over India and sometimes worldwide in the form of online training sessions with live project experience and internships. DLG’s services include but are not limited to SEO, PPC, SMM, E-mail Marketing, Affiliates, etc.

Digital Lead Group Specialize in a Broad Range of Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing solutions are value-driven and guarantee the best quality services for your business.

  • We offer tailored digital marketing services that meet your budget.
  • We analyze your business’s goals and customize our packages to cater to your unique requirements.
  • We generate detailed reports and send regular updates.
  • Our customer service agents are prompt to respond to your queries.
  • At Digital Lead Group, we have a great team of marketers. We have experts from various fields, including web design, programming, Search Engine Optimization, content creation, social media marketing, sales, and analytics.
  • Digital marketing is evolving rapidly. At Digital Lead Group, we have mastered the latest technology and use predictive analytics to position your market for maximum profitability.
  • As marketers, we understand that businesses thrive when we use inventive means to improve our brand engagement. We strive to bring innovation into our marketing strategies to help you stay ahead of competitors at all times.

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Know About Kaustav Das (Founder and CEO of Digital Lead Group)

Kaustav Das is an aspiring individual who has years of experience in sales, marketing, and lead generation. He is believed to possess one of the greatest minds in digital marketing and has been helping businesses worldwide attain their desired success.

Kaustav has an excellent educational background (which includes B.Tech and MBA) and helps him understand businesses’ requirements from both technological and managerial perspectives.

Apart from providing services in the form of SEO, PPC or SMM, Kaustav has also led a foundation to train young minds in Digital Marketing and help them achieve success in their lives.

DLG can briefly summarize the services provided by Kaustav as below:

  • Digital Marketing Service (PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM).
  • Custom Branding Solutions Over Digital Media.
  • Dedicated Hiring of SEO or PPC Resource.
  • Providing Advanced Auditing of Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns.
  • Providing Hourly Consultation for Campaign Optimization.
  • Advanced Landing Page Optimization Suggestions.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Suggestions.
  • Creating or Managing Affiliate and E-mail Marketing Campaigns.

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