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Pay For Performance

Pay For Performance

Pay For Performance Services at Digital Lead Group 

Pay for Performance SEO Package is the ultimate solution to start or restart your website’s organic ranking with a limited budget.

We have a unique SEO solution for you! Our Pay-for-Performance package helps websites rank higher with no risk to the client. With this package, our team will work on your website until it achieves organic ranking success – and all of that is in exchange for results only after we see them happening.

Want to achieve the best possible SEO results without worrying about your budget? Pay for Performance is a great option. With this model, you are guaranteed that we will put our best efforts to rank your website higher on search engines and achieve desired business goals – no matter how much time or money it takes!


Current Google Ranking

Pricing Monthly Recurring Cost to Maintain Ranking
#100 to #51 position $0.50 per keyword per position improvement None
#31 to #50 position $1 per keyword per position improvement None
#30 to #21 position $5 per keyword per position improvement $5
#11 to #20 Position $10 per keyword per position improvement $10
#10 to #1 Position $25 per keyword per position improvement $20


The Benefits of Pay-For-Performance SEO Services

With the pay-for-performance approach, businesses do not need long contracts. You only spend money on services that you have received from this package deal! This is good because it does not lock up your business into a large contract and allows them to leave at any time if they are unsatisfied with their results.

Another benefit lies in its pricing model: there won’t be hidden fees like other plans, which require monthly subscriptions or minimums of hours per month spent working on campaigns. So you know exactly how much each campaign will cost beforehand (and can avoid overspending).

Pay-For-Performance guarantees traffic for your business website with organic SEO methods. You’ll also get the first page rank in Google when you sign up now! If our team can’t get a satisfactory result, clients have free cancellation and a full refund guaranteed.

The traditional blueprint of an SEO strategy takes a comprehensive approach that takes time to yield results. However, some companies need fast-paced developments and want to be aggressive in their track towards these outcomes. To achieve this goal successfully, you must have performance-oriented strategies with short turnaround times; the same applies to Pay for Performance SEO campaigns.

In a world where top Performance dominates, being aggressive in your strategies is crucial. The same goes for SEO campaigns that focus on getting results quickly rather than focusing on long-term plans. Statistical analysis shows us what people are looking for online and how much they’re willing to pay when searching through specific keywords or key phrases within search engines such as Google. This information can help individuals make important decisions about their Pay for Performance (P4P) Search Engine Optimization campaign so the company can receive current data regarding its market’s needs.

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