Social Media Paid Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin)

Social Media Paid Advertising

Paid Social Media Marketing Campaign To Scale Your Business

You might find it hard to believe that social media marketing can be lucrative for paid search campaigns. If you want to maximize your visibility on the internet, paid media campaigns have no other alternatives. Consumers remain active on social media platforms for more than two hours every day, which explains the hype around paid social media. Businesses that leverage paid social media have witnessed a surge in their daily traffic. Whether you are just starting or looking to optimize your existing campaigns, we can optimize your paid social media campaign for maximum results.

Social Media Ad Platforms

If you have products and services, you can leverage social media paid ads to generate qualified leads. Here are the top social media platforms that you can target for paid advertising.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has more than 2.2 billion users, making Facebook Ads a popular choice for social media paid campaigns.

Facebook ads rapidly gained traction over the past few years. It enables you to develop image-based and text-based ads that have high conversion rates.

Instagram Ads

Facebook is the leading advertising platform, but Instagram has become widely popular for its interactive features. Instagram has more than 500 million users across the globe. The best part of Instagram is you don’t need an Instagram account to promote ads. Your Facebook page can become the mouthpiece of your Instagram ads.

YouTube Ads

YouTube attracts 2 billion monthly traffic. Marketers leverage Youtube alongside Google search ads to advertise their products and services. YouTube ads have three dominant categories – TrueView Ads, Preroll ads, and bumper ads. Digital Lead helps you target videos by topic, search terms, and category to expand subsequently.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is a preferred paid social media platform that draws marketers, reporters, PR Teams, and visitors, who partake in essential discussions and interact with like-minded people.

Tweets spread faster than other forms of content. You can use Twitter to craft personal and impact-driven ads to boost your sales.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn draws a large volume of traffic from various industries.

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is one of the most preferred channels for B2B marketers. Marketers can align their marketing goals -lead generation, brand awareness, user engagement, website visits, conversions, and many more – with their advertisements to create Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Sponsored Content.


There different ways you can leverage social media to drive traffic to your website. Aside from the popular ones, you can use Messenger Ads, Snapchat Ads, Yelp Ads, Pinterest Ads, any other miscellaneous options.

Digital Lead Group Will Craft Result-Driven Social Media Paid Ads

Paid Social Media has a significant impact on your business. Our Facebook Ads Specialists and social media experts create meaningful paid social media ads that will increase your conversion rate.

As a leading Facebook campaign manager and Instagram advertising specialist, we help you target social media ads to optimize your brand awareness and help users make better decisions.

We develop Paid Social Media Ads that will boost your organic traffic.

Our Paid Social Media strategies will help you determine your target customer profile, demographics, hobbies, interests, and other relevant data.

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