How to Get Started with Google Guaranteed Ads to Make a Difference in Local Service?

How to Get Started with Google Guaranteed Ads to Make a Difference in Local Service?

In an ever-changing digital world, with the advent of online shopping and social media being so prevalent in our daily lives nowadays, it’s no wonder that many people are beginning their journey into eCommerce stores or becoming involved as consultants through services such as Google My Business (GMB). However, there is one major problem: Getting top-notch prospects who will turn out buying from you when they’re ready! In this article, we will explore how to get better-quality leads for your business.

You’ve guessed it right– your competitors are probably running a background check on you, said by the best trusted digital marketing agency in Kolkata. It is valid for certain service providers fishing prospects and in Google Ads and other advertising channels where companies can be spied upon by those they think have nothing against them.

Say, we take an example of an interior design company running Google Ads under local service to acquire leads. The electrician, carpenter, and other raw material suppliers will call your business most of the time. This is because they can see ads for their products in an online directory that you maintain on one end or another (electricians may prefer a cement wholesaler). Now digital marketers would recommend switching over to SEO, but we think this doesn’t solve any problem; instead, it adds more work with little payoff! To add insult to injury, running SEO campaigns will also attract sales calls from service providers.

It’s estimated that 90% of all digital advertising comes from automated programs which comb through keywords looking at the competition to see what ads pop up before yours does so again. In essence, this means most people won’t even notice when an ad appears next time around, thanks to their search history being harvested as well.

Just look at the screenshot given below for a company running a successful SEO strategy for a month and still not satisfied with the results.

So, what’s the solution to this problem? Is there anything that comes to your mind that you can think of? Fortunately, our same old trusted company Google has developed a solution that can help you overcome these problems. We are talking about “Google Guaranteed Ads.” Let’s dig into this further to know more about the same and solve your lead generation problems.

What Is a Google Guaranteed Program?

Local businesses are in luck! Google has launched a new service that guarantees your ad spend won’t be wasted on irrelevant traffic. When they say “irrelevant,” think about how many people would click on it if you were selling cars or pizza – not what was being advertised at all those odd hours of the day! The program protects consumers from getting fed advertisements, making them lose interest in rerunning local business ads.

Google Guaranteed protects customers against unwanted internet marketing messages directed toward their interests while safeguarding advertisers’ budgets by stopping waste associated with these types of advertising tactics.

Google Guaranteed has been an enormous success so far – users are now generating more leads in the form of phone calls. As an active registered user, you need only pass a simple Google screening test where it will issue your business’s “Google Guaranteed” badge and verify that your business is legit.

The input is about how one can obtain guaranteed access to advertise through this service, whereas your output focuses solely on those who want such services when using them.

The Google Guaranteed ad is not only eye-catching, but it can help you stand out from your peers – simply because the search page’s result will feature you ahead of other ads. The guaranteed victory makes this service more attractive for business owners looking to boost their confidence when calling customers or clients about how great marketing works!

Are you a bull? Even better! Google will provide insurance covers for advertisers. No worries – you won’t burn money while advertising!

How to Know What Businesses are Google Guaranteed?

It’s easy to ascertain whether a business is Google Guaranteed since Google rewards it with a “Green” checkmark, right next to their company names. This total result appears right above everything else and just beneath your search bar to make sure that you consider them before anything else. The screenshot given below may be able to define that more appropriately.

Live Guaranteed Ads that Can Help Your Business

Google Guaranteed Ads are all about authenticity – both for the consumers as well as for the advertisers. You need to have an authentic local service business to run this type of local service ad. Moreover, Google will run a screening process both for you and your employees at no cost to you – so that they can be sure about whom they are certifying. Once you become eligible, you will run ads, but that’s not the end. Under this process, you will be given some credit for which you can apply to Google for irrelevant leads – under which they won’t charge you. However, there is a process for the consumers they can charge back their invoice from you if you fail to satisfy them. In such a case, Google will help dissolve the issue, and if you fall in the process, you need to refund the money to your customer. The valuable part of this process is that everybody gets a chance to play fair, and there is no room for fraudulent activities.

How Can a Google Guaranteed Ad Help You Acquire Quality Leads?

The salient feature of Google Guaranteed Ads for businesses is that they don’t have to pay for clicks anymore and pay for leads instead. This is the fundamental difference between Google Guaranteed Ads and Traditional Google Ads and can drive out a vast number of irrelevant traffic. Moreover, Google also gives you a hand in acquiring the top-quality tariff besides securing you with a decent amount of credit. Some of the main advantages are provided below for your reference:

  • Businesses under this category see this as a badge of trust and honour from Google that can differentiate them from others under the same category. People trust Google more than anyone else these days, and there cannot be anything more trustworthy than anyone whom Google certifies itself. Also, the pay-per-lead pricing strategy helps you cut off people who are not ready to avail services and do some research work. You get charged only when someone does the following:

– Request location details for your business

– Get directions for your business

– Use Mobile-Click-to-call to call you directly

  • There is also a feature where Google records every call, and you have to flag them as inappropriate – in case you find them irrelevant for your business. In such cases, Google is not going to charge you for the same. However, it is recommended to do that within 24 hours to get the maximum benefit and instant refunds.

  • Through Google Guaranteed Ads, you are weeding out most of the other competitors in this segment since they don’t even get a chance to show up at the top fold of Google’s search results.

  • In traditional PPC and SEO, it is often very tough to show up the excellent work you have done in the form of “Google Reviews,” but this type of ad helps you do precisely the same. This is a massive thing since every business under this ad segment gets the chance to show a small number of reviews.

Are Google Guaranteed Ads Worth it?

To answer this question, you probably need to ask yourself about your needs as a business. If you fall among those already running local service ads and failing with its sophisticated approach, then it is perfect for you. Moreover, if your competitors make your life difficult in performing fraudulent activities like “Click Frauds,” you also need to look at this option.

Unlike other Google Ads campaigns, this is very simple to create and manage, and you don’t even have to pay for clicks anymore, for this entire process depends on a pay-per-lead basis. Being new at marketing yourself as an honest business owner will not hold you back; such ads help put your company up at the top of search results pages!

It has been observed that the cost-per-lead is significantly reduced through such types of ads. Besides, you can also add priority placements at no extra cost from your end. It has been seen that most businesses that face hefty competition like HVAC Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Plumbers, etc., have been able to save a lot of cost on leads through Google Guaranteed program. Hence, it’s up to you now to go for it or not. If you are unsure about the same, you can always consult the digital marketing companies in Kolkata, like Digital Lead Group, for an expert-level consultation.

Which Business is Eligible for Google Guaranteed Program?

Although every business would like to sign-up for this program, it’s difficult to break into it. Google has not yet disclosed the industries which are eligible for such services. Still, most of the digital marketers running PPC ads in Toronto have seen that to qualify for the businesses given below:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Electrician
  • Estate Lawyer
  • House Cleaning
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Moving Services
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Roofing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Repair

The Salient Feature of Google Guaranteed Ads that Nobody Has Told You About

Now that we have the necessary insights, what should you know before officially launching your Google Guaranteed Ads? Given below are some interesting anecdotes that you might be interested in:

– One of the best features for such ads is that you can drive away your competitors and flag others who contact you for other services, and you can mark them as irrelevant and take a chargeback from Google.

– You can increase your local visibility if you sign up for Google Guaranteed Program for both local service ads and your GMB listing. It is essential to know that you also have the option to sign-up for Google Guaranteed GMB listings for $50 Per Month or $600 Per Year. Such cases help you get the natural competitive edge – that can take you away ahead of your competitors.

– You can manage leads and calls with ease – where you are given an entire dashboard for managing the tips you received and marking them as appropriate/inappropriate. You can even call your customers, reply to their requests and even deny them. After you book a service with your customers, you can also send confirmation emails and even get the option to review your service.

– It also helps you track your appointments, for there is a feature in this interface where you can see the bookings you have, check your calendar, and accept/reject the jobs accordingly.

The lifetime limits are given below for your reference for specific countries.

– It should be noted that Google Guaranteed Ads provides the facility for customers to pay back up to a specific limit if your customers are not satisfied with your service. However, that will include much more as this program becomes popular:

United States: $2,000

 Canada: CAD $2,000

 United Kingdom: GBP £1,500

 Ireland: EUR €1,500

 Spain: EUR €1,500

 France: EUR €1,500

 Italy: EUR €1,500

 Germany: EUR €1,500

 Austria: EUR €1,500

 Belgium: EUR €1,500

 Switzerland: CHF ₣2,000

– The customers should also note that they can only charge the advertisers back for the service they have availed from the local service ads and not for any other additional work. This entire option for refund is not available after 30 days from helping their service — not for services you can avail of directly with the company or through organic clicks.

Getting Started with Google Guaranteed Ads – A Detailed Overview

Now that we have discussed everything about this program, it’s now up to you to decide whether you want to sign up for the same or not. If you are wondering how to sign-up, check out some steps to help you with the same.

– You need to sign-up for Google Local Service Ads by clicking on the link

– After successfully signing up for the program, you will be redirected to the screen given below – click on “Get Started” to proceed further:

  • In the next step, you need to fill up a form (form snapshot given below) with your valuable business information, and then you have to do the following:

Set up your service area

Set up your service types

Business hours

Preview your ad

– After successfully signing up for the service and providing Google with the necessary information, a background check will be done by Google at no extra cost. Here they will check your eligibility, about you and your stuff, and then assign a badge to you. This process will take up to 5-7 days (depending on the business type), and until then, your ads will remain paused.

– For those who are wondering about the dashboard, it will look something like this:

You need to click on the leads to see their details and update the booking status. You can also flag them as inappropriate in case they are irrelevant to you.

  • In case you are using an MCC Account, it will show up in the way it has been displayed below:

Do you want to get started with Google Guaranteed Ads to kick-start your business? Consider hiring the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, like Digital Lead Group, to effectively implement the same for your business.

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